About us & FAQ

Our sports clothes are made professionally for more than 10 years.


We’ve started in 2004 with the production of figure skating dresses for a local association, and recognized our first success.


Now we still hold the elite of acrobatics, dance groups, Twirling, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Contortion, Circus. Vaulting etc ...


Our dresses and suits can be seen on U.S. Caps, World Cups, European Cape.


We are specialized on the production of club dresses and groups.


Because we are a big team the production is usually very quick.


We only use the special robust colored sport substances - Bi-elastics substances + velvet.


Customer satisfaction plays a big role for us.


Our products are shipped worldwide successful.





1 Which kind of material are the dresses stitched?

- The dresses are made ​​of bi - elastic substances. Production of velvet is also possible. (For Figure Skating Dresses)


2 How long is the delivery time?

- The existing available dresses will be shipped on the next day. Delivery time: 2-7 days.

Dresses which are produced on request usually last 2-3 weeks + shipping .


3 What sizes of the clothes are sewn ? Is there an additional charge for adults sizes?

- The clothes are sewn on the individual dimension ( 7 points required for the dimension). For adult sizes you don’t have to pay extra charge.


4 Is a group made ​​possible? How long is the delivery time?

- Yes, this is possible. Production time: 3-4 weeks.


5 Can I give the dress back?

- Yes, only the existing available dresses.

Dresses we’ve sewn in a different size may not be returned.


6 Can the dress be washed?

- Only in cold water up to 30 ° - without soaking .


7 Are the prices including rhinestones, or do they cost extra?

- Yes. The prices are inclusive of the rhinestones.


8 Can I send my own design ?

- Yes you can send us your own design.


9 Can the color or design be changed?


- Yes, with an additional charge of € 9,99.